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Survey to Prioritise Unanswered Questions about Stillbirth

We still do not know all the reasons why babies are stillborn late in pregnancy and whether the care parents receive when their baby dies is the right care. The Stillbirth Priority Setting Partnership recently carried out a survey to ask parents, professionals and anyone affected by stillbirth to put forward their suggestions of the most important unanswered questions in stillbirth prevention, management, bereavement and postnatal care. These included questions about:

  • causes of stillbirth?
  • care and information for mothers during pregnancy that might help prevent stillbirth?
  • any new tests that need to be developed to prevent stillbirths?
  • clinical tests to investigate possible causes of death after a stillbirth, including a postmortem that might help us better understand causes of stillbirth?
  • the impact of stillbirth and how a stillbirth is managed in terms of bereavement and post natal care?
  • care in pregnancies after stillbirth?

We have grouped the suggestions we received from this first survey into a shorter list of summary questions, and tried to identify the most important ones based on the number of people suggesting them and the ones that were suggested by both parents and professionals.

We now need parents, professionals and anyone affected by stillbirth to help us to further prioritise the shortlist of X [insert final number] questions in this survey, by telling us the ten unanswered questions about stillbirth that are most important to them.

We will take the results of this second survey to a workshop on 2nd February 2015 where parents and professionals will work together to agree the 'top ten' questions in stillbirth research that desperately need answering.

Please provide us with your email address. This is so that if you have previously completed this survey, we can identify your list of ten questions and you can view and amend them at a later stage if you want to. We will also use it to keep you informed of the final results of the Stillbirth Priority Setting Partnership.

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It would be really helpful for our research to know a little more about you, so we would be grateful if you could answer the questions in this section. However, if you would prefer not to, then just leave it blank.

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